03/10 2011

The Content Farm launches new website, deserves many profits

The Content Farm, the best online internet repository of informational articles about all of everything, announced today that it would be permanently moving from its temporary home on Tumblr to its new location at the website thecontentfarm.net.

The URL (an abbreviation for “uweb r laddress”) was chosen because of the site’s name, The Content Farm, and because it is on the internet, which can be shortened to “net.”

"This is a momentous day for our website, because now people will have to go there in a different way by typing something different into their internet typing boxes," said Content Farm Co-Founder and Editor Matt Wilson. "I hope people will read and get instructions from this article to go to the new website, which I think is a good website because I helped make it."

The new website has many features everyone has already said they love, including a Twitter widget, a brand new logo and menus for categorizing our articles into categories in a categorical way. There is also now a feature for readers to ask questions that will be answered so well those questions will never be asked again.

These features have already increased The Content Farm’s profits by 100,000 percent and AOL has our e-mail address.

The Content Farm also has a new Facebook page which is a page on Facebook about the Content Farm. People like those because they are on Facebook. It now exists alongside our Twitter feed, which is full of information that isn’t even on our website because there are too many places on the internet.

Wilson adds, “No hard feelngs, Tumblr.” Tumblr is a website and not a person and has yet to reply.